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Celtic rings and Irish jewelry are rich in beauty and meaning.

The rich symbolism and heritage found in the designs of Celtic rings and other Irish jewelry add meaning to their beauty. The Celts were a culture who lived passionately and celebrated the mystery of life in their art. Their patterns have intriguing lines that suggest connectivity and continuity.

The appeal of Celtic and jewelery is still strong today. A beautiful selection is available online. The links below showcase a variety of online shops where you can find many different Irish jewelry designs.

There are many different patterns and designs to choose from, with many different associated meanings. There are celtic crosses, knotwork, Irish wedding rings and various rings.

The Claddagh ring has a special history and meaning. Although the history of the ring has several different stories, many believe it originated from a slave who was sold and taken away from his fiancé. The boat he was in was captured and he was again sold to a craftsman where he learned the art of jewelry making. He crafted a special ring for his love even though he thought he would never see her again. He was later released and returned to his village where the ring gained popularity. The Claddagh is one of the most well known Celtic styles in Irish jewelry.

The Claddagh ring can be worn three different ways to mean three different things:

  • worn on the right hand with the heart pointing away from the wearer means that the wearer is single and available
  • worn on the right hand with the heart pointing towards the wearer means that the wearer has a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • worn on the left hand with the heart pointing towards the wearer means that the wearer is happily married

You can find designs in many types of Irish jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and more. Celtic jewelery is not readily accessible in regular retail stores making online shopping ideal.

Merchants: Celtic Jewelery

Scottish Jewellery - Celtic and Scottish jewelry in silver and gold.
Find Scottish and necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, watches, cufflinks, crosses, lockets, pendants, and sets.

Irish Celtic Jewels International Limited
A large selection of wedding rings, Claddagh jewelry, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and crosses. Selections in gold, silver, platinum, white gold, gemstone and diamond. Special collections include Newgrange, Celtic Warrior, Claddagh Kiss, and Pride of America.

RuneMaster - Celtic, Nordic & Medieval JewelryRune Master - Celtic Pendants
Rune Master specializes in an assortment of Celtic, Nordic and Medieval pendants, many of which also incorporate Swarovski Crystals. Each piece comes with a chain and description of the legend associated with it.

Simply Irish.com - Irish and Celtic jewelry
Simply Irish carries a variety of Irish products including Irish and Celtic necklaces, rings, pendants, brooches, crosses, cufflinks, tieclips, heraldic jewelry, Claddagh jewelry and more.

Elite Jewels Inc.
Discount celtic jewelry direct from the manufacturer including rings, crosses, bracelets and lockets.




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