Chocolate Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings with Chocolate Diamonds are Unique and Beautiful

Make your ring unique and special with chocolate diamond wedding rings.
Instead of traditional clear diamonds, chocolate diamonds offer an interesting and striking appearance to a wedding ring which differs from the norm.

What are Chocolate Diamonds?

The name is derived from the color of these diamonds. ‘Chocolate’ is a very appropriate word to describe the gems, because the color is a deep, rich brown. A brand of jewelers called Le Vian markets chocolate diamonds which they have specially selected based on color and quality. They make a large variety of jewelry pieces with chocolate colored diamonds including earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and wedding rings.

In the past, brown colored diamonds were considered inferior and much less desirable than clear varieties. As the world embraces the deep colored diamonds as attractive and special, the selection of wedding rings made with chocolate brown diamonds is becoming much more diverse and accessible.

Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning engagement rings can be made with the brown diamonds, both as the central stone and as smaller accent stones.

Chocolate colored diamonds can be paired with gold, white gold, and platinum, and they look beautiful along side clear diamonds, pearls of many colors, as well as other gemstones. Clusters of small diamonds make a striking display, and some engagement rings have the diamonds embedded throughout the length of the band.

Give her a unique ring she will cherish with a chocolate diamond wedding ring.


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