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Pendants continue their reign of popularity

Over the last year and continuing into the new year, pendants are all the rage. Whether you enjoy wearing expensive fine jewelry or casual costume jewelry, everywhere you look you will find pendants.

And no wonder! They provide a fantastic focal point and accent to your neckline. They add beauty and intrigue to the wearer. The opportunities for being creative are endless with different sizes, shapes, colors and materials to choose from. You can express your individual style with a well chosen pendant.

When choosing for yourself, consider the shape and length of the neckline of the clothing you will be wearing with it. A round neckline will allow you to wear necklaces with wide pendants. A deep v-neckline allows you to wear a longer style. Even if the neckline is not very deep, a choker with a smaller pendant provides a beautiful statement.

Fine jewelry pendants are available in many different materials including pearls, garnet, opal, quartz, amethyst, diamond and more. Shapes come in round, rectangular, teardrop, oval, heart, and many other shapes. Sometimes the style and shape make the biggest statement; sometimes the gemstone itself makes the statement. Diamond pendant necklaces are a great gift for someone very special.

Tahitian pearls make a simple, beautiful pendant. Tahitian pearls are a metallic color and are often larger than cultured white pearls without being overly expensive. They contrast beautifully against white gold or silver chains, and the color complements diamonds well. Learning about pearl quality of Tahitian and other varieties can help you choose a wonderful pendant.

For everyday wear, again the choices are many. Glass pendants are popular and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Casual necklaces come in huge varieties, from thin wires to thick and chunky beads. All look great with a dangling centerpiece.




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