Platinum Ring Wedding Collection

Collections of Platinum Wedding Rings – Compare Designs

Many designers have platinum ring collections: series of rings which have a common design theme. Viewing a variety of wedding ring collections made from platinum can be helpful to see design possibilities available in the metal. Slight variations of rings next to each other are useful to recognize elements you like and dislike in the designs.

Platinum Ring Designs

Designs for platinum wedding rings are similar to designs in other metals. The difference lies in the quality of the metal. Platinum is a rare metal which is more durable than gold. It is more resistant to scratches and it doesn’t tarnish. So if you’ve ever wondered why platinum is so much more expensive than gold for wedding rings, its rarity and durability play a big part in the answer. The color is also unique – similar to white gold but with a slightly different look.

Many types of wedding ring collections come in platinum: wedding bands, solitare rings, multi stone rings, diamond studded bands, two toned platinum and gold rings, and much more.

A variety of high quality online fine jewelry retailers sell platinum engagement rings. You can see platinum collections at the following online stores:, and

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