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Gorgeous Ruby Rings add Vibrancy to any Hand

Ruby rings are popular and stunning pieces of jewelery. Rubies are almost as greatly valued a gemstone as diamonds. There is no doubt of the beauty of the rich and intense color of the stone. Its vibrant shades provide a dramatic accent on almost any piece of jewelery.

Are looks alone what makes a ruby ring valuable?

Properties of Rubies

A ruby has a hardness of 9 making it almost as hard as diamond. (Diamond has a hardness of 10 and is the hardest natural substance known to man.) The hardness of a ruby makes it a very durable stone for rings.

Large sized rubies are rare and can actually be more expensive than the same sized diamonds.

A ruby is the red colored form of gems called corundums. Other colors of corundums are called sapphires. Corundums are found in a wide range of colors and are sometimes colorless. Trace elements cause the different colors we see in the gemstones.

Often a ruby will be heated to intensify the color and clarify some imperfections. Heating is not considered to be detrimental to the value of rubies and does not considerably lower the price. Most reputable merchants will disclose whether a ruby has been heat treated.

Another process used more recently to improve the look of a ruby is the filling of tiny fractures. Stones that have undergone this process are called ‘Treated’ and should be disclosed by the seller as such and must be clearly indicated on certificates.

Synthesized rubies do exist, so be aware when shopping and ask to ensure you know what you are buying.

The color of a ruby can represent love, passion, warmth and power. It makes a powerful and stunning statement in rings

A ruby is judged by the same four qualities as for diamonds: cut, clarity, color, and carat. But if you are buying from a reputable merchant, after finding out the details of the stone, your personal taste is the most important judge of a ring.

Precious metals are most often used for jewelry holding rubies. Gold, white gold and platinum are beautiful accompaniments for rings. Platinum engagement rings sometimes have rubies as an accent. The red adds some extra flare and excitement.

Diamond pendant necklaces also benefit from the addition of rubies. When searching for gorgeous precious jewelry, don’t forget about rubies as a gemstone close to diamonds in value and beauty.




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