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What makes tanzanite rings special?

The discovery of Tanzanite in 1967 created a great deal of excitement in the jewelery world: never before had such color hues been seen in any existing gemstones. Tanzanite rings are greatly valued because of the unique beauty and rarity of the stone.

Tanzanite is a blue form of the gemstone zoisite. Tiffany & Co. introduced the stone to the market and gave it a unique name. Tanzanite is named for the place where the stone is found. Tanzania is the only place in the world where tanzanite gemstones have been found.

The fact that there is only one place on earth to find the stones contributes to the value and price of rings made of tanzanite. The unique beauty of its color is another. When looking at rings with a tanzanite stone, you notice that different colors are seen depending on which angle you are viewing the stone.

Tanzanite’s properties are not as durable as some other stones. More care must be taken to prevent damage. It is not advisable to wear rings or other jewelery with tanzanite stones while doing strenuous activity. Care should be taken to keep the rings away from acids. Intense heating can damage the stone. Resizing or repair with heat to rings with tanzanite is not recommended.

Because of the unique circumstances around the gem, when you wear a tanzanite ring, you are wearing a little piece of recent history. Many types of handcrafted unique jewelry and as well as fine jewelry incorporate tanzanite within the design.





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