Titanium vs Platinum Jewelry - Differences between the two

Differences between titanium and platinum jewelry

For people not familiar with types of jewelry besides gold and silver, the words titanium and platinum probably don’t mean much. Maybe you’ve heard someone talk about a titanium dental implant, but that doesn’t help when buying jewelry. There is a huge difference between titanium and platinum jewelry.


The first and most obvious difference between the two is color. Titanium is a darker color that has a more grayish tinge than other metals. Color is one of the properties that make it unique. Platinum is much lighter in color. It looks very similar to white gold. The color is much more delicate than titanium.

Heaviness and Feel

The second major difference between the two is weight. Titanium is extremely lightweight. This property makes it useful for other uses such as in aircraft and space shuttle construction. In jewelry, its weight makes for comfortable wearing, especially for those who dislike feeling the weight of jewelery.

Platinum is extremely heavy compared to other jewelry metals. Its heaviness gives the jewelry a very different feel. It feels cool to the touch. It is very hard and resists bending out of shape. Most find the experience of wearing platinum an enjoyable one.


Both titanium and platinum are extremely durable. They both resist dents and scratches better than silver and gold. Neither will tarnish. Both are hypoallergenic to the wearer. Both are resistant to corrosion.

Titanium comes in different types of finishes. The finish can be highly polished, or brushed. A brushed finished creates more of a matte look which is more unique among fine jewelry.

Platinum also comes in highly polished or brushed varieties. Personal taste is the biggest deciding factor between the two types of finishes.


And finally, another major difference between the two is price. Platinum is a very rare metal and consequently very expensive. Rarity is one quality that makes it appealing for special occasions such as wedding rings. Titanium is relatively inexpensive compared to platinum and gold jewelry and easy to afford for everyday wear. Its popularity for wedding rings is increasing because of its unique look and modern color.

Both are interesting and unique metals that are relatively new to the jewelry scene. Both are steadily growing in popularity. Many titanium men's rings are popular because of the unique color. The rings are often handmade jewelry, and can be found in styles different from the traditional.

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Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 March 2009 )

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