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Look no further for unique engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Shopping online is one of the best ways to find unique engagement rings and other fine jewelry. But with the many, many different sites to look at, how do you know which are the best stores to buy from?

We can help. We have found excellent stores with solid reputations and beautiful products. You can find gold, silver, and platinum rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. You can even design your own unique engagement ring or other ring online.

If you are looking for the perfect diamond, look no further. There are extensive online programs for ordering the exact shape, cut, color and quality you are looking for. You can choose everything you want in a diamond for your unique engagement ring or other jewelery.

What do you look for in a diamond? There are four main characteristics to consider:

  • cut
  • color
  • clarity
  • carat

Differing grades of these four things make the up the difference in prices.

The cut is (quite obviously) the way the diamond is cut. The cut can make a huge difference in quality. When it is cut to perfection, most of the light going into the stone is reflected back out the top. The amount of reflected light is called the brilliance. A unique engagement ring will be stunning with a well cut diamond.

The color ranges from colorless to light yellow. The more colorless the stone is, the more light is reflected making it more brilliant.

The clarity refers to the amount of imperfections such as scratches or blemishes are in the gem.

The carat refers to the stone’s weight. One carat is the same as 200 milligrams. Large stones are much more expensive than small ones.

Smaller stones with better color and cut can be more stunning than a larger one with less quality cut and color. To choose the perfect diamond for your unique engagement ring or other ring make sure you take into consideration all of its qualities. Much more information on buying fine jewelry can be found on the following websites.

Merchants: Fine Jewelery - Diamonds and Jewelry from
Find beautiful fine jewelry including diamond, gold, platinum, silver, and gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces pendants and more. Create your own ring choosing different settings, stone shapes, and quality using very detailed choices. - fine jewelry
A wide selection of fine jewelry with very beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. Payment plan available.

Jewelry Television - Jewelry and Gemstones
Jewelry from TV available online. Find rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, brooches, and watches in gold, sterling silver, diamonds, gemstones and pearls. Specialty collections including ChariZma, Elite Collection and Tanzanite collection.

Elite Jewels Inc.
Discount fine jewelry direct from the manufacturer with savings of between 25% to 75% off retail prices. Find unique designs and a large selection.





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