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There are two main categories of gemstone adornment: fine gemstone jewelry and handcrafted gemstone jewelry. The two varieties are mainly distinguished by the type of gemstones and the type of metal used in the jewelry piece.

Fine Types of Gemstone Jewelry

Fine jewelry most often incorporates diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and emeralds as the gems of choice. Sometimes other clear gems such as amethyst, topaz and garnet are incorporated. Gold, white gold and platinum are the metals most commonly used.

Handcrafted Types of Gemstone Jewelry

Sterling Silver Ruby Hook With Lock Earrings  

Handcrafted pieces are predominantly made from sterling silver, and can use any kind of gemstone available, whether clear or opaque. Some popular gems used are turquoise, amber, amethyst, jasper, moonstone, lapis and onyx. Because there are no restrictions on form, handmade pieces can be very creative and original.

Choice Online Retailers:

For fine jewelry with gemstones, two of our preferred places to find a large selection of fine gem jewelry are: and

They each have many choices in styles and stones to choose from in necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

For hand crafted jewelry with gemstones, two fantastic resources are: and

Novica sells handmade pieces from craftspeople (artisans) around the world, so you find many different cultural styles. JeGem focuses on offering unique pieces created around amazing gemstones. The selection of gems to choose from is very diverse.









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