New Qray Bracelet Style

You may have noticed the stylish silver banded Qray bracelet that is being worn by people of all walks of life. This metallic bracelet with two round knobs or terminals at each end is usually worn terminals up on the right wrist or terminals down on the left.

The purpose of this wristband is to balance your bio-energy and align the positive and negative ions in the body to allow proper functioning of the whole being. Qray, or q ray, bracelets have been shown to help with chronic pain, backaches, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, as wells as headaches and other conditions. People that use the Qray system find that they have more energy and sleep better at night.

What does Qray jewelry do?

The Qray bracelet works with the ions in the body to allow the balancing of the energies in the body. The wearer really doesn’t have to do anything, other than to keep the bracelet out of contact with other metals including jewelry, watches or other bracelets. It is not recommended that these bracelets be worn to swim, bath or shower, but all that is required is a complete drying off if they do happen to get when.

The premise of the Qray wristband is based on the same principle as acupuncture, a practice that is used in many Asian countries to reduce pain and cure afflictions. Developed originally in Mallorca, off the coast of Spain, the bracelet has been used by athletes, the elderly and just those in chronic pain for many years.

New Qray Bracelet Style