Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers

Fashion jewelry wholesalers market large quantities of fashion jewelry that is perfect for retail sales. Since they sell in large bulk quantities they are able to offer deeply discounted prices. Costume jewelry is very popular today, so having a few items in your store or for your online auction will bring in customers and make sales.

Buying in wholesale lots allows you to deeply reduce the price over what other retails will be able to sell for. Not only are the prices great, but the quality of many of the fashion jewelry items is excellent. No longer is costume jewelry just for kids, it is an excellent idea for professionals and other women and men looking for an inexpensive way to update and coordinate their wardrobe.

Lot sizes

Most fashion jewelry wholesalers sell in lots of two hundred to five hundred items per wholesale package. The items are usually designer type look alike jewelry items and all but the very most discerning individual would not be able to tell them from the real thing. Fashion items can be watches, rings, necklaces, anklets or even earrings.

In addition to just selling the regular bulk or wholesale of fashion or costume jewelry they also have special close out or discontinued items that are even further reduced in price. If you are a budget shopper looking for jewelry for online auctions, stores or fundraisers consider checking out fashion jewelry wholesalers for some great ideas and bargains.

Fashion Jewelry Wholesalers