Creative Ways to Store your Jewelry Beads and Findings

Make your Own Jewelry Storage Containers

Once you start really getting into making your own jewelry, you’ll find yourself with a lot of small items and the challenge of how to store them.

Commercial products are available for jewelry-making storage, but a little creativity opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Create your Own Magnetic Jewelry Storage Tins

Old mint or candy tins can be converted into magnetic storage containers for beads or jewelry findings. Buy some self-adhesive magnetic tape and attach it to the bottom of the tins. By using a metal bulletin board, the tins can now be conveniently hung on the wall. Label each tin so there’s no confusion as to what each one holds. When buying a metal board, make sure it is intended for use with magnets. Some metals will not attract magnets.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or the tins to make your own, buy magnetic spice jars to place on the metal bulletin board. These often come with a see-through lid which makes labeling unnecessary.

Old Film Canisters

Although photographic film is used less and less these days, if you have old film canisters they can be converted into great containers for seed beads, jump rings, or any other jewelry related small items. Be sure to wash the canisters out before you use them to eliminate any chemicals which may be in the container.

Glass Baby Food Jars Make Ideal Storage for Jewelry Beads

Glass jars make great storage for jewelry findings because they are see-through. Baby food jars are small enough to be very useful in storing beads, clasps and other items. They work great when they can be easily accessed. Consider having some shallow shelves put up on the wall so that the jars can be stored in a single row or at the most a double row) for easy viewing and accessibility.

Deviled Egg Trays or Small Ice Cube Trays

Trays made specially for holding deviled eggs are perfect for keeping beads and findings handy when you are making a jewelry piece. The small compartments can hold many different colors of beads and they are easy to get at when you need to put the next bead/piece on. Small ice cube trays are available that make half circle ice cubes. These work in much the same way. Have a look at your local department store to see which type works best for your fingers and situation.

These are just a few ideas for ways to turn everyday items into fantastic jewelry storage units. When you come up against some unique storage needs, look around and you’ll be surprised at what you find!

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