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Introduction to Using Gemstones In Jewelry Making

When making jewelry, gemstones really add an amazing dimension of materials to work with. Other materials are great, plastic and glass beads come in huge varieties, but gemstones add a depth and interest that manmade materials cannot.

If you are just starting to dabble in the possibilities of using gemstones in your jewelry, you are in for a treat. Start with adding a few accent gems into a necklace or earrings, then slowly grow the possibilities.

Gemstones have Substance

When I first started to use some stones in my pieces, the first thing I noticed was the feel of them. They were so different to the touch. They were heavier, cooler and more substantial than the other materials. They added a whole new dimension.

The first gemstone I started working with on a regular basis was hematite. I’ll admit it was the price that partially drew me in. At the time I was working around designing for a fairly low price point so it was the perfect gem stone to use. Hematite also goes with pretty much everything. It’s a good starting point.

Gemstone beads are easy to use in just about every aspect of jewelry making. Ranging from tiny 2mm beads up to huge 20 mm ones, there are so many possibilities. Beads made with gemstones are available in traditional round, oval, square, rice shaped, flat, teardrop, faceted, chip beads and more. Combining different colors and shapes of gemstone beads tantalizes your creative centers.

Cabochons and pendants are a good focal point alternative if you want something other than a bead. These can be a little more expensive because they usually contain silver or gold elements to house the gem. But don’t overlook them because they can provide an amazing center piece for gemstone jewelry necklaces.

Each different stone has its own unique qualities that you can really only learn by using them. Let color be your guide; use the ones that appeal to your senses. Let your creativity guide you through the rainbow of possibilities. I can almost guarantee you will love them. And try not to go broke in the process! (Be forewarned, you may become addicted and spend way too much money!!)

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