Hanging Jewelry Displays Displays to Hang Jewelry on

A Variety of Jewelry Hanging Displays to Choose From

There are many ways to hang jewelry for sale. Jewelry displays can range anywhere from standard pole/peg wall systems to custom artisan display holders and everything in between.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Displays
Wall mounted displays are predominantly available in retail store varieties which are functional but not necessarily attractive. Slat grid jewelry displays allow for a large number of jewelry pieces to be hung – everything from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. Hooks and hang rails of many kinds can be attached to the slat grid to accommodate many types of packaging.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Trees

Jewelry trees, with many branched arms, come in styles which can be mounted to the wall. Jewelry trees are more unique and funky than traditional styles of retail jewelry hanging. They are generally small in size for use in retail situations, but multiple trees can be used to create a larger display.

Free Standing Displays

For counter areas or wide shelf areas, a free standing jewelry rack can make an attractive display. For displays that branch out in all directions, a rotating stand works best unless you have access to all sides (such as on a pedestal table). Many racks have arms only to either side, which allows for access to the jewelry from the front. In this case, a rotating stand is not necessary.

Creative Displays

With a little ingenuity, many creative hanging displays for jewelry can be achieved for low cost. A few of the creative ways we’ve seen jewelry hung: String up a large looped chain on the wall, spacing it a few inches away from the wall. Necklaces and earrings can be hung from the chain loops, creating a large number of places to hang from. Hang a large piece of sturdy material on the wall. Pieces of jewelry can be pinned to the material. A large picture frame can be transformed into a jewelry display by removing the backing and securing some window screen to the back of the frame. The small holes in the screen allows for earrings to be hung through.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 April 2009 )