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Jewelry Designing Tip - Give your Creativity a Jump Start

If you are stuck for idea, here's a hint: design for the trend of the day. An easy way for (virtually) foolproof designing: look at the latest trends. Even go so far as to check out jewelry stores for their latest popular pieces. Then design around the basic style that is popular. Find out what materials are available at your local stores (or online stores) and come up with something that generally mimics the latest trendy style. Use the colors and shapes you like to create something new.

Make the Jewelry Piece Unique

I am a total advocate for putting a piece of yourself into every item you design. Make sure to design for what YOU like - resist the temptation to simply copy something. When you put your own creativity into necklace or earring designs, you truly make a unique handmade jewelry piece- and I really think that's what people are looking for. Trust in your own taste. The more you design, the better your ability to create something wonderful. The more you create, the better you will get at arriving at something inspirational.

The reason I call this 'foolproof' is that people tend to go for a general look. If you create something unique around the look, there is a very good chance people will like it. It doesn' matter if it is a bracelet or necklace, the same principle applies. Of course, not all of your designs will be sure things, but this technique gives you a good fighting chance.


About 5 years ago, thick chokers were all the rage. You'd find almost every kind of choker imaginable in stores in a huge amount of variations. There were two basic rules for the look: thick and simple. If you designed something along those lines with a version using pleasing colors and textures of materials, as long as you were in the right price point it would have a good chance of being popular too.

Styles have changed since then of course. Jewelry in your area might vary slightly from other areas, so check out what jewelry styles are popular near you. If nothing else, this gives you somewhere to begin. It may get your creative juices flowing enough to get you on the right track.

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