Jewelry Making Supplies for Cufflinks

Making Your Own Homemade Cufflinks with Jewelry Supplies

Cuff links are great gifts to give to friends and family. You can make your own cufflinks using jewelry making supplies. It is easy to do and you can produce personalized results.

Imagine giving a pair of cuff links to someone close to you, and being able to say that you made them yourself. It’s easier than you think with pre-made cuff link components. Most varieties are customizable through using special strong-acting jewelry glue to attach a desired gemstone or other adornment to the link.

Relatively Inexpensive Cufflinks

Components using base metals are very inexpensive to purchase. Costs generally range from as little as two to five dollars for base metal varieties. Fine jewelry metals cuff link bases can cost double digits and more. The final cost of the link will depend on the items you wish to glue on.

Jewelry Supply Ideas to Customize the Cuff Links

Many items can be used to glue onto the link base. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. faceted gemstones
  2. smooth gemstones
  3. silver or gold letter as an ‘initial’ for either the first or last name
  4. silver figurines or shapes
  5. solid buttons (simply saw off the back loop with a jewelry saw and file smooth)

Jewelry supply stores may have a section with glue-able items meant for cuff links and other flat bottomed projects. For an online supplier, has a silver and gold colored cuff link base with and area to allow items to be glued. Simply type in ‘cuff link’ into their search bar to find the results you want.

You can be as creative as you like with your homemade cuff links. You can customize the colors to suit the personality of your recipient.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 June 2009 )