Make your Old Necklace Jewelry New Again

Turning Old Necklaces and Jewelry into Wearable Pieces

Most of us have necklaces and bracelets in our closet that we just don’t wear anymore. You can breathe new life into many of these jewelry pieces by adding to them. Turn them into something more reflective of current styles so you can wear them once again.

Single Strand Necklaces into Multiple Strands
Have a boring old single strand necklace that just doesn’t cut it anymore? Take it to new levels by adding more strands.

Strands can be added to the whole length of the necklace. Add new and larger jump rings to the ends to accommodate more strands. Alternatively, strands can be added to the bottom two thirds only. A little more customization is necessary for this look. Break the strand and reduce to two thirds of the original length, leaving some of the string/wire on each end. Create the new strands and attach together with the original one. Attach a chain to the cluster strands and measure the length on both sides in order to make the new necklace fit.

Add a Pendant to a Necklace to Spruce it Up

Whether a necklace is single strand or multiple, adding a central focal point with a pendant takes it from ok to wow. Current trends favor pendants, whether large or small. Adding a pendant is one of the easiest ways to take your necklace to new levels. Most can be added by simply using a medium or large sized jump ring. Consider ovalizing the ring to help prevent the jumpring from coming apart at the seam.

Having trouble visualizing what type of pendant will look good with your necklace? Take the necklace with you to the jewelry store so you can see firsthand what colors and styles will be suitable. Once you are there, you’ll likely see many possibilities.

Use the Necklace for ‘Parts’

If all hope is lost for salvaging a particular necklace, don’t throw it out. Take it apart and save the pieces to create into new jewelry. Just because the bead color combination is outdated, that doesn’t mean that the individual beads are worthless. A little creativity and you can turn your lost cause into a work of art.

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