Beautiful Jewelry Trees and Instructions

Jewelry Trees to Store your Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings: Plus Instructions for Use

Keep your jewelry organized on dresser drawers or night tables with a beautiful jewelry tree. If you are unfamiliar with jewelry trees, picture a miniature ‘tree’ without leaves. The branches are designed to hold jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Because the trees are meant to be on display, most are artfully designed. If you find yourself regularly making a pile on your night stand of the jewelry you wear for the week, you are a perfect candidate for a jewelry holder tree. It is fantastic to have somewhere to hang the jewelry properly without having it get tangled and possibly damaged. Your necklaces and other jewelry will be easily at hand at the same time as making a tasteful and attractive display. And in the morning when you want your favorite jewelry to put on, it will be a cinch to grab it on the go.


There are no set rules for how to place your items. But as a rule of thumb the instructions for using a jewelry tree are:

Put the necklaces on the taller branches so they have room to dangle.
Try not to place too many items on the same branch or the inside items may be difficult to access.
Bracelets can go on lower branches because they are not very long
Earrings with shepherd hooks can be dangled over a branch, but if you wish to put earrings on the tree on a regular basis, we recommend buying a jewelry tree with holes for the posts and hooks. Your earrings will stay much more secure and stable.


Choose a jewelry tree which will hold the amount of jewelry you would like to keep on hand. Tree sizes range all the way from about 5 inches high to over 2 feet high. Some jewelry holding trees are specially designed to also hold stud earrings. Look for jewlery trees with holes if you would like storage space for your studs.

Jewelry Trees Come in Many Materials:

Silver Jewelry Trees

Silver jewelry trees can range in quality from basic designs to very polished works of art. Some have relatively straight arms while others have spiraling branches to drape necklaces on. Silver jewelry trees are stunning when draped with silver jewelry. If you predominantly have silver jewelry, consider a tree made with a silver finish.

Wood Jewelry Trees

Appropriate for something named ‘tree’, wood is sometimes used to create these jewelry holders. Wood gives a very earthy look and compliments metal jewelry wonderfully. Wood is also easy on jewelry surfaces because it is a softer material than metal and won’t scuff or scratch jewelry.

Earring Jewlery Tree

If you already have storage for your necklaces and bracelets, but you need extra room for your earrings, there are jewelry trees specially designed to hold just earrings. Holes are placed all over the tree for holding studs and drop earrings alike.


Prices range from very inexpensive to very pricey. Department stores such as Walmart or Zellers often carry low cost jewelry trees. If you are looking for high end trees, jewelry stores or specialty shops are good places to shop at.

Online stores

Many online stores carry jewelry trees. carries a simple but striking silver tree, as well as other jewelry stands. carries a unique stand of multiple small tree branches with small leaves. The leaves are perfect for holding rings and bracelets. carries a variety of different styles and colors.




Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 March 2009 )

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