Hand Made Bracelets - Hand Crafted Bracelets

Many Styles of Hand-Made Bracelets are Available

There are many types of handmade bracelets ranging from simple beaded or braided ones to intricate silver-smithed varieties.

Handmade Silver Bracelets

Popular types of hand made silver bracelets are often from other countries such as Bali, India, Mexico and Thailand. The intricate silver work of the artists makes these bracelets special. It’s hard to believe that each one is made by hand, but in many cases the craft has been practiced for generations.

Bali Handcrafted Bracelets

Bracelets made in Bali have many distinguishing characteristics in their silverwork. Some trademark patterns include silver dots, braids and twists interspersed with solid areas, and often with a touch of yellow gold. The detailing is amazing and the bracelets have timeless appeal.

Mexican Silver Hand Made Bracelets

Mexico has been well known for its silver jewelry for many decades. There is a huge range of bracelet styles from Mexico, from contemporary to Aztec influenced designs. The bracelets are often quite wide in a cuff style and are designed with patterns throughout.

Handcrafted Bracelets from India

Bracelets from India have a similar look to those from Bali and Thailand, since they are from regions close in proximity. Many gemstones are used in bracelets from India, and popular gems to use are lapis lazuli, turquoise and quartz crystals such as amethyst. Cuff style wide bracelets are often found from this region as well.

Thailand Bracelets

Leather bracelets with silver incorporated is a popular style from Thailand artists. Many beautiful intricate cuff bracelets are from the region. Braided silver is another gorgeous style and comes in many thicknesses.

A large selection of bracelets from all of these regions can be purchased online from Novica.com.


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