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New metals provide more choices for mens rings

Men in the past have had a limited selection of mens rings to choose from. The choices were gold and silver, and most styles were simply plain, wide bands. Not anymore! Now over the last few decades, new metals have been synthesized and are becoming more and more popular in men’s jewelry.

Titanium, carbon fiber, platinum and fine steel now offer new opportunities for creative ring choices for men. New materials mean many new looks and styles for men.

Titanium rings

Titanium rings have grown greatly in popularity. Titanium has a gray metallic color which is quite unique among other jewelry metals. Titanium rings are lightweight, making them especially suited to men’s rings which are generally wider and thicker than women’s.

Titanium rings can be engraved with lines, divots and patterns for a wide variety of designs. Titanium is unusually strong and stands up to more abuse than most other metal rings. Other metals can be incorporated into it for even more unique looks. Titanium men’s rings come in either polished or brushed finishes. Titanium rings have a contemporary cutting edge look with the latest styles.

Carbon Fiber rings

Carbon fiber is relatively new to the jewelry scene and harder to find than other materials. Carbon fiber is not a metal, but a form of graphite. It is used as an inlay in most rings. It adds interesting texture and dark complementary color to mens jewelry. If you are finding it hard to find carbon fiber rings for men, one source is online at Just Metal.com.

Platinum rings

Platinum is the most expensive of the newer metals. It has a more classic look along the lines of gold and silver, and is very close in color to white gold. The properties of platinum men’s rings are very unique. Platinum is very heavy compared to other metals and has been described as feeling cool to the touch. Platinum is harder and durable than gold or silver. Platinum is also very rare which is why it is very expensive. Men’s wedding rings are also available in platinum.

Stainless Steel rings

Stainless steel provides another ring choice for men. Stainless steel rings are relatively inexpensive and can have gold incorporated into the design. A stainless steel ring is as strong as…steel! They are very durable. Stainless steel bands are available for wedding rings. Handcrafted rings are sometimes made from the above materials.





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