Pairing Jewelry with Clothing Necklines

Choosing Necklaces and Earrings to go with Shirt Necklines

Jewelry is attractive, no doubt, but choosing jewelry that goes well with the clothing you are wearing makes it look even better.

The neckline of your shirt is one of the most important factors to consider. By following a few simple guidelines, it is easy to choose a necklace and earrings that will be flattering with your clothes.

Turtle Necks

A very high neckline, such as with turtleneck shirts, means that necklaces will be worn on top of the shirt itself rather than on your skin. Jewelry needs to stand out against the material or it will not be noticed. Stay away from dainty chains that will most likely get lost against clothing. Choose bolder necklaces with a color which will stand out. Longer necklaces which draw the eye down work well with turtle neck shirts. 24 to 32 inch pieces are a good place to start. Choose earrings in a length that won’t touch the collar of the shirt.

Round Neckline

Choose short necklaces with a similar shape as the neckline. Because round necklines generally leave a small amount of neck showing, choose a necklace that is contained in the exposed skin area rather than having ones which go onto the fabric. Chokers and chains are a good choice. Both stud earrings and dangle earrings work well.

Strapless Tops

A strapless top gives a large area to work with, which means that your choices are many. Anything from bold to dainty will be appropriate. Your look can change dramatically depending on the necklace you choose. During the day at work you can pair a strapless top with a delicate gold and diamond necklace. For a fun evening time outing, change to a chunky choker to liven things up a bit.

V-Neck Shirts

V-necks create a visual space that creates a sort of frame. Necklaces should sit within the v, and they will definitely be noticed. Because the v is a symmetrical shape, make sure to choose only symmetrical necklaces. Pendants work very well with v necks, as do round necklaces.

Mandarin Style

A mandarin style neckline is another one which requires jewelry to sit on top of fabric. The neck is too high to allow for enough exposed skin for a necklace. Choose long, scooping necklaces. Ones with multiple strands look great because they really stand out well.

Cowl Necks

A cowl has some shoulder exposed. Chokers and short chains work well, and also chains with a very small center piece, such as a small diamond or shape.



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