Reiki Symbol Jewelry

Jewelry with Reiki Symbols is both Beautiful and Meaningful

Reiki symbol jewelry takes the principles of Japanese Reiki teachings and puts it into items which can be worn everyday.

Some people wear Reiki jewelry for the symbolism, some simply wear it because they enjoy the look. Whatever the reason, the jewelry is both beautiful and meaningful and can be appreciated either way.

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words put together: Rei and Ki. ‘Ki’ is a term often used in martial arts, and means life energy, Rei means divine or all encompassing.

The practice was originated by Mikao Usui, and is still utilized today.

Reiki Symbols

Many symbols are used in the practice of Reiki healing and living, and these symbols are incorporated into a variety of jewelry styles. Popular types are necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Cho Ku Symbol Jewelry

The Cho Ku reiki symbol consists of a spiral shape, often with a gemstone in the center. The design is striking in appearance and makes interesting jewelry. Cho ku earrings and pendants are particularly popular.

Other symbols are: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo, Sei Hei Ki and Tam A Ra Sha. All of them are esthetically pleasing and interesting designs.

Reiki Charm Bracelet

If you can’t decide on one particular symbol, consider buying a charm bracelet with each of the Reiki symbols on it. You get the best of both worlds and can enjoy all of the symbolism in one piece.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 April 2009 )