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Find Pearl Necklaces: Both Freshwater and Ocean Varieties

Some people think of freshwater pearls as all having oval, misshapen and bumpy looking surfaces. Many do, but prized necklaces of freshwater pearls are made with round, smooth and gorgeously creamy pearls.





When taking into account fine, higher end freshwater pearls, the shapes are very round and smooth. Necklaces made with round freshwater pearls are generally more expensive than those made with oval, bumpy varieties, partly due to the rarity of round pearls. The luster of round pearls is gorgeous and many natural colors can be found, such as shades of whites, pinks and oranges.

Freshwater pearl necklaces are considerable more affordable than ones with ocean-based pearls. For all their beauty, they make wonderful gifts. Many online merchants will send jewelry gifts directly to the recipient, making online purchasing both easy and convenient.

Ocean pearls such as Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian varieties can be larger than fresh water pearls.

Most pearls in stores are cultured. Cultured means that oysters or mussels have been ‘forced’ to create a pearl by the introduction of an irritant. The irritant causes the animal to secrete substances which harden over time to form the layers of the pearl.

Beautiful freshwater pearl necklaces can be found at many online stores as strands or incorporated as part of a design.

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