Titanium rings have a unique look and special properties.

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Titanium rings offer a unique product for men and women.

The qualities of titanium rings have it all: unique look, unique properties and great prices.

The space age look of titanium jewelry is a refreshing change from traditional metals and the styles are cutting edge. Alone or combined with gemstones, diamonds or other metals for accents, titanium rings come in a huge range of styles.

The properties of titanium rings are also unique. The metal is much stronger and more durable than silver and gold meaning longer wear before becoming scratched or dented.

Titanium jewelry is lightweight and comfortable to wear. If wearing jewelry has bothered you in the past, it would be worth giving this light metal a try. Earrings made with the metal are noticeably much lighter and more comfortable.

Another important feature of titanium rings and other jewelry is its sensitivity on skin. It doesn’t contain nickel which can cause problems for many people. The metal is so safe that it is used for medical implants such as hip replacements and dental anchoring because of its unreactive nature.

The cost is also less than more traditional metals. Now it is easier to afford a piece of fine jewelry to be appreciated for years to come.

Titanium rings are corrosion resistant. This quality makes it long lasting and valuable for a variety of other uses in underwater and space travel.

One important fact to note is that the metal cannot be worked to a different size once a piece is made. It is important to order the right size for titanium rings. However, most stores have good exchange policies if the wrong size is ordered.

We have found some excellent merchants that have a fantastic selection of jewelry including titanium rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, titanium earrings, and cuff links.

Merchants: Titanium Jewelry

justMetal.com - Contemporary Titanium Jewelry.
Titanium rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. Selections available with diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Find Men's titanium rings, neck wear, and bracelets. Wedding rings and sets are available. Also find carbon fiber rings, stainless steel rings, and platinum rings.

Titanium Concepts
Titanium rings and earrings by designer Wes Waddell. High quality using aircraft grade titanium. Custom made with variable thickness, width, and surface finish.

Elite Jewels Inc.
Discount titanium wedding bands direct from the manufacturer including designs with white gold or yellow gold.





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